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Avondale Dumpster Rental

Roll-off dumpster rental is a service offered by Rad Dumpsters to provide temporary large containers, known as roll-off dumpsters, for the disposal of various types of waste in Avondale, AZ. These dumpsters are commonly used for construction projects, home renovations, cleanouts, and other large-scale waste removal needs In the Avondale area. They are designed to be easily transported and emptied by a special roll-off truck.

Here's how the process typically works:

  1. Contact Rad Dumpsters: To rent a roll-off dumpster in Avondale, you need to contact Rad Dumpsters. You can do this by booking online or calling 623-326-9478.
  2. Specify Your Needs: When you contact us to have a dumpster delivered in Avondale, let us know your specific requirements, including the type of waste you'll be disposing of, the estimated amount of waste, and the duration you need the dumpster for.
  3. Choose the Dumpster Size: Roll-off dumpsters come in various sizes, typically ranging from 15 to 20 cubic yards. Rad Dumpsters will help you choose the appropriate size based on your needs and the amount of waste you have.
  4. Delivery: We will deliver the roll-off dumpster to your desired location, such as your driveway or a designated area on your property in Avondale.
  5. Fill the Dumpster: Once the dumpster is delivered, you can start filling it with the approved materials. It's essential to follow any guidelines provided by Rad Dumpsters to ensure proper waste disposal and avoid additional fees.
  6. Pickup and Disposal: When you have filled the dumpster or the rental period has ended, contact us for pickup. We will schedule a pickup time and transport the filled dumpster to a waste disposal facility for proper disposal and recycling, if applicable.
  7. Fees and Charges: The rental cost of a roll-off dumpster typically includes delivery, pickup, and a specified rental period. Additional charges may apply if you exceed the weight limit, extend the rental period, or dispose of prohibited materials.

Are you in the need of a roll-off dumpster in Avondale?  Give Rad Dumpsters a call 623-326-9478 or book online HERE.


Why Choose Us For Your Next Avondale Dumpster Rental

Rad Dumpsters can deliver a dumpster to your Avondale AZ job site or home fast.  We can typically deploy dumpster to your Avondale location within 24 hrs to 48 hrs. We know everyone needs a dumpster for different reasons.  We can offer rental periods and rates larger companies won't.  Take the stress away from handling your waste management on your own and reach out to Rad Dumpsters for your next dumpster rental in Avondale, AZ. 

Temporary Dumpster Rentals In Avondale

Rad Dumpsters specializes in temporary dumpster rentals in Avondale and surrounding cities.  We offer 3-7 day rentals but can also accomadate longer term rentals.  Temporally renting a dumpster can save you money.  Many large rental companies lock customers into 30 day rentals.  Rad Dumpsters wants you to have a dumpster as long as you need it.  Contact us to have a dumpster dispatched to your Avondale AZ house, job site or business today. 

Can Anyone Rent A Dumpster In Avondale?  

The ability to rent a roll-off dumpster in Avondale, AZ depends on local regulations in you city or county. In Avondale and surrounding cities typically anyone from home owners to general 
contractors can rent a temporary roll-off dumpster without a permit.  Our company specializes 
in temporary or short term rentals.  Most of our dumpsters are rented 
out for 3-7 days.  We do offer long term monthly rental contacts for 
businesses.  It is always good measure to check with landlords and city 
municipalities when renting a dumpster for over 30 days.  If your home in Avondale is 
part of a home owners association we suggest checking with them
 on their rules on temporary dumpster rentals.  Rad Dumspters 15 yrd and 20 yrd dumpsters
 fit in 99% of driveways in Avondale, AZ  This can be critical 
considering a 40 yrd dumpster is 22ft long and may not fit in your 
driveway.  Please view our dumpster sizes if you are concerned about one of our dumpsters fitting in your driveway.

Frequently Asked Questions Before Booking a dumpster In Avondale AZ

Have questions about booking a dumpster in Avondale, AZ? We have a list of frequently asked questions. We have simplified the dumpster rental process but we understand if you have questions or concerns before renting a dumpster. Whether you need a temporary dumpster or looking to book for a monthly service we are here to help with your rental needs in Avondale and surrounding cities. If you have further questions you can reach out to us at 623-326-9478 or [email protected].

1. What Can I Use The Roll-Off Dumpster For? 

Here is a list of dumpster uses. If you need the dumpster for another use just reach out to us:  
Remodeling, Commercial Warehouse Dumpster Rental, Demolition, Eviction Clear out, Renovation, Lot Clearing, Hoarder Situation, Roofing Material, Landscaping, Storage Unit Cleanout, Estate Clearout.

2. How much Weight Can I Put In A Typical Container?We allow 2 tons (4,000lbs) billed at a flat rate. This is sufficient for many uses. Over 2 tons is billed per ton on top of the flat rate. 

3. How long is the rental for? 
Every rental period varies according to the customer. We offer temporary and long term rentals in Glendale. Our typical rental period is 3-7 days. If you need special rental terms reach out to us.

4. Can I Place The Dumpster Anywhere On My Avondale Property?
Rad Dumpsters can place the dumpster anywhere on the property given there is room to load and unload. If you need the dumpster placed in a tight space contact us and send pictures if possible.

5. What If I Run Out Of Room and Need Another Dumpster?
Contact Rad Dumpsters and we can dispatch a truck to deliver another dumpster.

6. What If I Need The Dumpster For Longer?
We bill per day after agreed rental period. $25 per day beyond the agreed initial term.

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Dumpster Uses

A dumpster for many types of jobs


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Our Dumpsters

Rad Dumpsters offers Roll-Off dumpster rentals for many types of jobs in the Phoenix metro area.  Our dumpsters are made of heavy duty steel and are more useful and durable than a typical dump trailer.  Our dumpsters fit in 99% of driveways and offer easy loading capabilities.  You can use the large swing away door in the rear or throw lightweight items over the side. Our short term rentals offer home owners and contractors an affordable option for disposing of material and waste.  Save time, money and man power by allowing Rad Dumpsters to handle your waste for you.  No more trips to the landfill or loading a trailer only to have to manually unload at the landfill.  Contact us today to get your dumpster delivered.


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