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Rad Dumpsters is more than a dumpster rental company.  We also offer some services that can be helpful for any Arizona homeowner.  Take a moment to to see how we can serve you today. 

Other Services Include: Pool Fence RemovalTrampoline Removal, Playground Demo and Hot Tub Removal 

Pool Fence Removal

Rad Dumpsters offers pool fence removal services.  Open up space and take down that ugly, rusty or damaged pool fence.  Maybe your pool fence is fully intact but the kids are gone and you don't want your backyard oasis fenced in. Rad Dumpsters can safely and quickly remove and dispose of your old pool fence.  


Trampoline Removal

Rad Dumpsters offers trampoline demo and removal services. Trampolines are fun while they last.  Most the time you can get a few years of enjoyment and entertainment out of an outdoor trampoline.  Once time has run its course trampolines start to deteriorate and become eyesores.  We will come in and take apart the trampoline pieces by piece and haul it away for you.  This saves you time running to the landfill or trying to figure out the best way to take the trampoline apart.  Removing an outdoor trampoline will give more yard space and improve the overall look of your backyard oasis.  Below are a few reasons why removing a trampoline might be a good option for you.


Playground Demo and Removal

Rad Dumpsters offers playground demo and removal services.  Playgrounds are fun while they last but when the kids are grown or you purchase a new home and the circa 1990's playground is still in the backyard it might be time to consider having it removed.  We can safely remove your playground or backyard playset.  Below are some reasons why you may consider having your backyard playground removed. 


Hot Tub Removal

Rad Dumpsters offers hot tub demo and removal services.  Deciding whether to have your hot tub removed depends on your specific circumstances and needs.